Brazilian pelable | Hair removal

Brazilian hot wax

Some of the peculiarities that belong to these waxes are flexibility and softness, two factors that make Brazilian Hot Wax unique and suitable for everybody, avoiding the use of the strips.

These products, whose peculiarites are quality and softness, have a very low fusion temperature. They are suitable for every kind of use but specifically for the most delicate parts of the body (armpits, groin and face).

Thanks to their particular composition and excellent elasticity, they are indicated for every skin type, even the most sensitive ones. Thanks to their semplicity and practicity, they reduce the hair removal time, without leaving any broken hair residues and assuring to the skin a respectful and delicate tratment.

The new entry “Brazilian Hot Wax” is easy, safe and allows to achieve excellent results even with very thin layers of wax. It is easily removable with a single, simple rip.

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