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What's the keyword in Dimax's success? To explain it it's Massimo Manfredi, a young and creative businessman who set up the Company in 1998: “So much work, so much dedication to the company and so much research for quality.

Dimax is one of the primary italian Companies in the manufacturing of hair removal waxes both on behalf of third parties or through their own brand Depilomax. Dimax is a young and dynamic company, like the owner and the team, which was capable to successfully fit in the market with hair removal products, respecting quality and, above all, alongside its Client in a common journey towards success.

Dimaxwax company


“Dimax is constantly expanding – explained Massimo Manfredi – even our areas and laboratories have been completely renewed and now we use new manufacturing plants, but along this growth and innovation path I've never forgotten how this extraordinary business adventure in hair removal and cosmetic products started”.

As in any real success worth his salt, Dimax was built with passion and commitment, but also with sacrifice, organisation and management capacities and, especially, vision of the future.

Manfredi explains: “My enterprise was homemade, today we have a 5.000 mq production facility. We grew up one step at a time, becoming actual partners for our Clients. We gave skill, and we received in return trust and the professional and human connection is probably the greatest thing about this job.”

dimaxwax laboratories


Dimax's business strategies have included continuous investments and laboratory researches to secure a steady quality level. Together with our ability of a flexible and care to customer's marketing needs, these peculiarites have produced winning results.

Today Dimax is firmly placed on the Italian and world market and it's constantly growing. Its products, like Private Label or like Depilomax, are available in X countries.

The key points that have contributed to our growth are

  • the use of excellent raw materials
  • the continuous quality checks of our production
  • the total customization of the entire range for every Client's need

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