Water soluble waxes

Hydrosoluble Wax

Why water soluble? Even in the past, when waxes weren't yet common, various kinds of hair removal existed as an approach to the epidermis.

During the middle age, for example, there were recipes using very simple ingredients such as water, lemon, sugar, and others that on the other hand, that blended together quicklime, water and arsenic sulphide.

The answer can only be given by your skin, and whatever it may be, Dimax guarantees effective results for every option, without obviously using lime or sulphide!

Our water soluble wax is produced with simple natural ingredients and it's applied at a low temperature.
Thanks to its preparation formula, which is very delicate, it is suitable for every kind of skin and the residues are easily removable with water.

You can customize the water soluble products with your mark and your image, because the whole range of Dimax allows for unique formulations and all with quality products always being more and more sophisticated.

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