Professional liposulable waxes inside of jars

Liposolubles Waxes in Tins

Our professional liposulable waxes inside jars are not just “waxes”: they express our idea of beauty, our passion for the body, our love for quality.

Every product is created, designed and packaged specifically for you. You are our client, a client whom we aim to provide a wide and complete selection for. One that will satisfy all of your needs. For example, different sizes correspond to the international market's standards. Including the European, the American and the Anglo-Saxon design, but our goals for the best product do not stop there.

Dimax ensures You, through a wide availability of custom formulations and our solid experience, professional products with Your brand name for every type and market segment. Perfumes, essences, colors, density: our professional liposulable waxes are studied specifically for every kind of user, because if You are facing new challenges, we will always be there for You.

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